We’ve provided a list of answers to questions we frequently receive regarding our services and other activities related to funerals. If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to give you more information and clarify any of your concerns.

What is the cremation process?

Cremation is a conventional, clean and rapid method of reducing a beloved pet's remains. The pet is placed in the cremation chamber and the door is closed until the cremation is complete. Ashes from individual cremations are placed in an urn chosen by the pet owner.

How do I know I'm getting my pet's ashes back?

As pet owners ourselves, respectful treatment of your pet is paramount to us all at Leavitt Pet Crematory. We encourage tours of our facility and our certified crematory operator is always available to speak with you about the process. Individual cremation means that only one pet is in the cremation chamber at a time. The pet is placed in the chamber, the door is lowered and the cremation is started. Once the cremation is complete, the remains are collected and the chamber is swept. The chamber is then ready for the next cremation.

We follow strict guidelines to ensure that we have the correct pet

1. Upon transfer to our office, each pet has an identification attached to them with their name & their owners name.

2. At our office a family member or designee identifies the pet. Identification paperwork accompanies your pet from a vet clinic. This insures 100% that we have the right pet in our care.

3. A ledger book records the name of the pet, the owners name, and if applicable the name of the vet clinic the pet came from. An identification number is assigned to each pet. This identification number is taken from a metal disc that is imprinted with a unique Identification number that will stay with the pet through the entire cremation process.

4. The pet is placed in a cremation container that is labeled with their name, double checking that the paperwork matches the labeled container.

5. All forms and requests are double checked by the crematory staff before the cremation is authorized by Leavitt Pet Crematory. After these checks, the cremation is scheduled.

6. A third confirmation takes place by the crematory operator on the scheduled day of cremation to ensure that the container, paperwork and metal disc all match.

7. When placed into the crematory chamber, the unique metal disc accompanies the pet, so that once cremated, this metal disc serves to identify the pet. Every Cremation is done one at a time.

8. When the cremation is complete, the metal disc is affixed to the plastic bag holding the remains. An identification label with the pets name and identification number is placed on the urn the family has chosen.

How will I get my pet's cremated remains back?

The cremated remains are gathered into a plastic bag and sealed. The bag is then placed in any urn the family has chosen.

Will you pick up my pet?

Absolutely. We can pick up your pet at your home or veterinarian's office, Monday - Saturday, 9 AM - 6 PM. Please call us to arrange for pick-up. You may also bring your pet to us. There is no need for an appointment if you are bringing your pet during regular business hours. We just ask that you call ahead to let us know you're coming. If you wish to bring your pet after hours or on a day when our office is closed, we will be happy to meet you at our office. There is a $75.00 Private After Hours fee for this service.

What is the Payment Policy?

Payment in full is due upon arrangement of services and taking your pet into our care.

Do you accept Care Credit?

Pet Care Credit is available to families for veterinary services only. We are very fortunate to work closely with several fantastic vet clinics in Wood & Washington County who can accept Care Credit for services from their office. If you are having to make the difficult decision of having your pet euthanized, ask your Veterinarian if their office works directly with us. If so, they will fill out the cremation paperwork and schedule the transfer of your pet to our facility. The costs for the cremation will then be added to your existing vet bill at their office.

Do you offer discounts for First Responders & Veterans?

Yes, we do. We honor all those who have or are currently serving to keep our communities safe. Police, Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics, active Military and Veterans receive a 10% discount with proper identification.

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